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I'm always been curious about how our lives could be without the influence of technology. How folks could looks like if technology never touch their lives and how much destructive could be in case it overcome their culture ?

Being immersed in society made of technology, fast living, stress, artificial lights and trash food made me reevaluate our role on this planet. Are we here to preserve end evolve our knowledges in terms of living healthy and as much as possible close to our state of happiness ?

Is that technology really helpful? Or is something "filling" our life diverting our attentions?

Arctic Revolution is a project born with the main aim to show how some folks can last without any tipe of technology in places where actually technology could be seriously used to improve life conditions. 

In this case we are speaking about Arctic scenery. Where temperature run under - 40 c° and food reserve is just what the country has to offer. Imaging a folk able to live without any tipe of technology make me reflect on the importance for occidental peoples  to hold the latest iPhone. 

But that's not all: In 2019, technology is been spread almost everywhere, so it's very hard to find an untouched folk, so in addiction I'll document how much impactive technology is been during the last 10 years on their lives.

The entire movie will take on focus all this topics:

- When exactly technology came into their lives.

- The firsts technology devices introduced.

- How it's been introduced.

- Improvement thanks the use of technology.

- Impact of technology.

- How much important is technology for those cultures?

- Was technology a gate to the modern world?

- How young generation reacted in front of the influence of technology? And old peoples ?

- Due introducing technology are folks loosing their culture?

- Does technology making the life easier?



This expedition will be entirely focused in Greenland, land of Ice and strong peoples.

I'll explore this land with the main aim to find and document native peoples. Getting into their daily life, I'll study their approach with technology from an angle of 360°. I want to understand if the modern world left their cultures untouched or if it marked their lives. 

The reason why I decided to focus this expedition in Greenland is because I believe that there isn't a country more unlivable on Earth and the existence of native folks living on ice 365 days per year sounds as something really "mind shaping" that truly captured my attention. 


Media contents

Me and my troupe of photographer and film maker we'll be truly motivated to bring on your screens images and videos showing what we will experience. A documentary of 50 minutes will be realized at the end of the expeditions with tons of correlating images. I believe that these folks has something unique to share with us from the "modern world", something that for long time it's never pop up due the few contacts with our society. 

I need your help!

Please, let's open the eyes of peoples together. Let's share this message and let's educate young generation to a proper use of technology. I need your help now to make this project real! If you'd like to sponsor this expedition or you'd like to receive more infos send me an email! 




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