First of all is important to understand the basics differences between Adventure & Landscape photography. Adventure Photography it's simply the act of photographing stories in the outdoors instead Landscape photography is the act of taking pictures of nature without any human into the frame.

This particular style require a huge ammount of self motivation. More than often adventure photography take place in raw conditions where being a good photographer isn't enough to capture great images. As soon as I understand that adventure photography could become my ticket to visit the world I decided to focus on it my entire career. Nowadays making a living out of adventure photography it's not easy, it require a strong passion and dedication to pursuit a life goal that for many of us is: LIVE A DREAM LIFE made of adventures. To make a living out od adventure photography we have to be smart and fast thinking. What do I mean with that ? We basically relay on companies. In fact, if we want to travel and experience new places and at the same time being payed we need clients. Find a client in this field it's not a joke, due the few request. What can really help us to make a living out of our passion is to focus on something and being the best to shoot it. It doesn't metter what.

When companies are looking for photographers they won't look for someone able to shoot a bit of everything but with standard results, they want someone specialized on one thing. Climbing, travel, skiing ? Find what suits better you and your style and keep specializing on that direction.

Being an adventure photographer it's not easy, physically and emotionally. It mean no rest day, at least for the first two years. Well, that's how I did. I believe that photography and especially adventure photography it's all about storytelling. Tell a story with images may sound easy and in fact it is, but tell a story with outstanding images it's a completely different story. Every outdoor enthusiast could potentially be an adventure photographer. It's al about tell a lifetime moment captured into a frame and only who really lives that particular moment from inside is able to capture it from it's inner essence. That how it work: live the moment and if you feel it press the shutter. Well it may sound too easy but actually great pictures comes when there is the combination of three factors: LIGHT - MOMENT - INSPIRATION

When that moment happen I personally lost the perception of what's around me. Everything stop to exist for those few minutes and I fell in a sort of meditation.

Now it's your tour, get out there and start looking for what really inspire you!

Remember to stay #ontheroadtoinspiration

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