Making a living out of Adventure Photography is seriously the most difficult challenge I have ever faced. It’s more than a career, it’s more than just a passion, is a calling that comes from the needs to express our voice and interpretation of this world.

I won’t lie you, you need more than passion for photography, you need more than skills and abilities. You need to be focus on your final goal, each day on your life. No day off.

Your mind will be in a constant thinking. It’s important you know that being an adventure photographer has two faces:

- The good one is that this job gives you freedom and the ability to live a life made of adventures and experience.

- The “dark face” it’s the constant work and research behind. You will always have to find new projects, new ideas and ways to create outstanding images.

I you really want to make the different you have to push with all your energies every single day. When you really want something, when you really want to achieve a life goal it doesn’t metter what’s between you and the end because you won’t care about it.

My suggestion is to do a trail period to see if you really feel capable and strong motivated to build a career out of passion. Nowadays is till possible work as professional photographer even if technology bring to the hands of everyone smartphone with outthinking capacities. But what gives value to the work of professional photographers is their capacities to share and transmit emotions in a way that not even the grates camera ever can does. When you look at one well made pictures you probably get stoked on it, you always want to look for that feeling in each photo you take. You want to make people feel into the frame, not as stranger out of the moment but as part of the atmosphere.

Adventure Photography if taken seriously is not only mentally hard but also a fantastic physical preparation is required. Most of the time you’ll se yourself into wild environment where no one can assist you. First of all you have to consider to use only what you can fix into your backpack end then you have to make sure to be strong enough to bring it around. During a day of shooting I use a backpack that filled up is around 18 kg and I walk usually 1/2 hours to get in the location. Most of the time in addiction to camera gear I have to bring camping gear, ropes and climbing gear so the back pack become even more weight.

When I’m on a photo shooting I want to feel strong and in control, so I use to train at least three times per week building the mussels I need for my next project.

Then the emotional factor comes. After days or even weeks of shooting in roll with no stop, the body get tired so then the mind too. To react against the emotional influence you only need experience. Due experience you know how far can be pushed your limits and what are the consequences.

In conclusion there are three factor to follow constantly to not get lost during your growth:




Own a unique style or idea, work on it constantly and progress daily, keep always clear your final goal.

Remember to stay #ontheroadtoinspiration

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