After my last article about how hard could be raising a career based on adventure photography it’s now time to speak about all the positive and exciting opportunity that this job can give to you.

Let’s start talking about how the job looks like.

Traveling the world, get paid to do it, experience new places, meet new people and live a life made of adventures it’s what make this job worth to pursuit. Being a story teller means get paid to learn, discover, explore and raise our basket of knowledges producing content that will influence somehow the story. It’s not easy and often you get lost in the organization of your travels without enjoying the trip or focus in capturing great images. Having the opportunity to travel the world, experience new places and meet new people it’s not a joy of everyone. Many people say that being an adventure photographer is the best job in the world and in fact it is, but don’t forget about all the aspects and effort that this job require. 100% focus on the present moment, travel far away from your family, being always on the road and be always ready creative even during the most tiredness moments. Again, it’s not for everyone but if you really want to pursuit a life made of your dreams you have to get used to sleep few hours per night, be always available for everyone, be fanatic of perfection and most important be able to stay inspired even during those harsh moments.

In conclusion if you really love photography this job is gonna be the best job in the world, instead if you don’t love photography that much you will hate this job each day of your life until you’ll loose your passion.

Opportunity that this job gives to you:

- Get payed to travel the world

- Live a life made of adventures

- Learn and experience new things

- Capture into frames stories worth sharing

- Inspire people

- Meet new people

- Live an energy life

Remember to stay #ontheroadtoinspiration

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