It's always hard when you have to tell your story.

My name is Francesco Pierini and I'm 22 years old from Italy. I raised up in a small countryside village in Tuscany, which is the place where I'm actually based. I love natural environment and I'm in love with the beauty of nature, in all it's form. I have a passion for raw and wild open spaces, where the time seems to slow down and weather get harsh. I become a professional photographer with the pure passion for landscapes. Since I started I was attracted by beautiful landscapes and environments from all over the world. Nowadays I built a career made out of my passion: adventure photography.

As soon as I started taking pictures seriously I noticed that photography could become the one way ticket to see and visit our world. From that moment I wouldn't stop my passion for anything. So then I started building up my portfolio, starting with what was surrounding me. I did't had enough money to travel so I learnt to look at things with different eyes. I learnt to stop, slow down and pay attentions to factors and particulars that I would miss if going too fast. At the age of 15 I did my first exposition into my high school with three of my mates. At age of 19, after graduation, I decided to leave my home and begin the most beautiful adventure of my life: New Zealand.

I'll never forget and get tired to share my time in New Zealand. People, culture, landscape and light were simply fantastic. After few months I have fallen in love with this country. After 6 months of staying in Queenstown I decided to make something different and out of standards. In fact, from Slope Point to Cape Reinga I rode my bicycle for up 2800 km during winter time, with the main aim to inspire new generations to get outdoor and start looking for their dreams.

Once I was back at home I decided that photography should become my job, so after one month of meditation I decided to start this brand new adventure. I knew that to be someone out there I needed a portfolio with the best of the best. So then, by the months, I did many trips around Italy and Europe building my portfolio. I was particularly attracted by adventurous outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, camping etc... I knew that it would be the perfect job if I could start working in this field. I started looking for athletes on Instagram and Facebook. After few days I had many request. I was very excited to start building my portfolio with was seriously inspiring for me.


Then the harsh part has started. Find new clients. I'll dive deeply in this section during the next articles.


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