Welcome on my adventure photography blog entirely dedicated to adventurous spirits. First of all I'd like to specify that on this blog you won't find only and exclusively posts about technical aspects but it's more about the emotional side.

My name is Francesco Pierini and I'm a professional photographer specialized in adventure, landscape and extreme sports photography. As soon as I started taking pictures I felt in love with this tool that let me capture moments into frames. Traveling trough the most raw and wide open spaces on Earth I strives to share with people my passion for planet Earth and to inspire young generation to step out of their personal comfort zone and look at new opportunities. Nowadays I work mostly in the outdoor market, climbing, skiing, surf and life style commercial projects but what really move me is my passion for extreme expeditions and exploration.

In this blog I'll upload constantly themes about adventure photography directly from the field with the main aim to give you useful tips and suggestions to invest in your future as adventure photographer.

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