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Francesco Pierini




“The True Essence of living” It’s an intensively personal film with the main aim to inspire new generations in adventuring outdoor and find the courage to get outside of their comfort zone. A team of professional and affirmed athletes will be filmed to produce a doc-film never produced before. The movie will share the life of these athletes before, during and after practicing extreme sports. Eight different locations for eight different extreme sports. The focus of the entire movie is the overcoming of limits, the risk and the overcoming of fears. It’s not a movie that want encourage to risk too much but contrariwise it want to help young generations to get out of their personal comfort zone, leave at home distractions and focus 100 % on the present moment. The entire movie will be filmed in outstanding scenery, and most of the times in extreme weather situations.

In a society where in our life nature, it’s by the time leaving more and more space to the technology and distractions from the “modern world”, it’s more than crucial inspire people and give them a motivation that in someway could redefine the concept of living. In the movie the vision of life overcome the standard day routine, the standard steps that everyone of us does everyday. The perception of life in the movie comes directly from the minds of athletes that by the time truly achieved their life goal: live a dream life. A life made of adventure, dreams, exploration, overcoming of fears and mind limits, pursuit of passions and life goals achievement. The movie want to show that to reach those ambitions it’s necessary to get outside of the comfort zone, a tin line that most of us are scared of. We live each day of our life chasing a direction to pursuit, but often we lose the way, because scared of making a step out from our standards, we prefer to keep looking for something where we well know how to move. Extreme sports in general has the characteristic to brings athletes out of the personal comfort zone. The overcoming of fears it’s a must for extreme sports athletes and that’s the main reason 

why they have been chosen as the main subject of the movie.

Director Statement


Francesco Pierini


THE TRUE ESSENCE OF LIVING It’s an intensively personal film.

I’m always been attracted to extreme sports in particular to their capacity to let you focus 100 % on the present moment.

I feel like the more are the years that pass by, the more people are distracted by the modern world utilities. 

Everyone of us, growing up, develop at the same time with the own personality, the “comfort bubble”. The comfort bubble its that set of habits that over time they become habitual and give us security. We might not like what’s inside of that bubble, but someways it gives us that feeling of security. Contrariwise when we try to get out of this bubble we feels unsuitable because we explore new things that might be, at the first look, hard to reach. What I strive to transmit in the film it’s that if we want to change something in our life, we have to do something different, something we don’t do every day, because if we keep doing the same stuff every single day we will achieve the same results, no changing. One of the most important key to grow as a personal individual its being able to live with fears, explore new territory and face new things. Thanks to extreme sports this message will take its power. 

I want to pass on these vivid questions to the viewer. “ If these athletes can do those sports overcoming their fears, what can I do with mine? What are the frontiers of the human spirits? Those are some of the larger themes I want to explore in THE TRUE ESSENCE OF LIVING. In its essence the film calls deliberate attention to the choices that we make: What’s a meaningful life and why? 



“There is no place for fear, no place for panic, no place for mistakes. You need total control of the place where you are, the time and to trust yourself completely. When you can do it at all, you can find a different world.”




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